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> Boeing Field
> Boeing Fwy
> Evergreen Bridge
> Lake City Way
> Mercer St
> Northgate Way
> Spokane Street
> 90 Hwy
> 104 Hwy
> 205 St
> 405 North Side
> 405 South Side
> 99 Hwy
> 518 Hwy
> 520 Hwy
> 522 Hwy
> 526 Hwy
> 599 Hwy


Interstate 5 Seattle Traffic

i-5 Seattle Traffic ...

On page load traffic map is centered on i-5 at the 520 Bridge approach ...
use elevation controls to zoom map.

Zoom Traffic to:

i5 at Boeing Field
i5 at Boeing Fwy
i5 at Evergreen Bridge
i5 at Lake City Way
i5 at Mercer St
i5 at Northgate Way
i5 at Spokane Street
i5 at 90 Hwy
i5 at 104 Hwy
i5 at 205 St
i5 at 405 North Side
i5 at 405 South Side
i5 at 99 Hwy
i5 at 518 Hwy
i5 at 520 Hwy
i5 at 522 Hwy
i5 at 526 Hwy
i5 at 599 Hwy


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i-405 north side 205 Street NE Lake City Way NE 520 Bridge i-90 Boeing Field 405 south side downtown Seattle West Seattle Bridge SR 599 Highway Interactive I-5 Seattle Traffic Map


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i-5 Greater Seattle Map
The Interstate 5 in Seattle is the main north-south interstate highway route across the Greater Seattle area.

The map above shows the i-5 in Seattle (highlighted in pink) and where it travels through the metro Seattle area.

The regional by-pass for the i-5 in Seattle is the 405 ... however, traffic on the 405 is often just as bad or worse than i-5 Seattle traffic.

See also: i-5 Exit Map overview.

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